Frinton Mission ........ FM 2019

What we believe - our 'Basis of Faith'

As Evangelical Christians, we proclaim the Gospel, believing the three-in-one God shown in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

The following statements explain the foundation points of our Christian faith, which encourages love towards other people, with a desire to provide practical help and to point them to a relationship with God.

We believe that:

  • God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) shows us through creation, provision, salvation and the promise of final judgement, that he is all-powerful and all-loving.
  • The whole Bible is the true and inspired Word of God, the final authority on all aspects of Christian faith and behaviour.
  • The man, Jesus Christ, the unique Son of God, provided the only possible escape from the guilt and power of sin, and from its eternal consequences, by his death in our place.
  • By the death and resurrection of Jesus, God transforms the believing sinner, so that they are perfect in his sight.
  • God the Holy Spirit is present in the believer to bring increasing understanding and development into the likeness of Jesus.
  • Each individual believer has access to God.  Together, all believers form the "Universal Church" or "The Body of Christ," with Christ as the Head, committed to spreading his Gospel.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ will be seen and universally recognised when, as promised in the Bible, he makes his spectacular return to Earth.

Based on the Evangelical Alliance 1970 Basis of Faith.