Frinton Mission ........ FM 2019

Joining the Team 

If you are a Christian and 18 or over please pray about your involvement on the team this summer and book the dates in your diary:

Saturday 27th July to
Sunday 4th August 2019

16 & 17 year olds may also apply to help in Megabytes & the younger age-groups;
17 year olds may apply to help in Crash, if invited to do so

Read 'What we Believe' then complete and submit an application form via one of the Team Application forms, from the menu on the left. 

1 is for anyone who hasn't been on the FM team since 2016, or who has never volunteered before.  

2 is for people who have been on team in 2017 or 2018.  

3 is just for people who don't need to apply because they are part of the team which runs various parts of the week. Submitting the form helps us to know we have accurate contact details to hand each year. 

This information might help you choose a group which is suitable for you.

If you have children younger than the age-group for which you will be volunteering, you will obviously need to make arrangements for them to be cared for while you are involved in the group. To help enable you to work on the team, children aged 5 and up can be supervised by other kind team members in your child's age-group, but only while that group has activities  

Cut-off date for joining the team this year will be Friday 19th July 2019 
with current DBS documentation preferably (though not necessarily)
through your own church

Be aware that these forms might not perform correctly on some electronic devices.

If you have a problem with yours, please try again on a different type of device.

       Team Worship

During the mission week, Monday - Friday 12.30pm in St Mary's Parish Church

Time to catch up with each other and hear what has been happening in other age groups. Time also for worship, encouragement, and something to think about!

See a general overview of all that goes on during a mission week.  

Group Leaders

Marquee Crèche: Sarah & Mark Rowland

Bytesize: Alix & Charlie McCarthy

Soundbytes: Carole Dean, Stephen Flatman & Jay Stebbing

Megabytes: Noah & Naomi Carter 

Crash: Dan Ursell, Liz Huxley & Adam Ellena

Download: Chris Halls & Liz Massey

Encounter: Kev Woods

Marquee Mornings: Karen Smith

Marquee Construction: Rob Gilkes & Dom Gardner

Marquee Coordinator: Cate Wilby