Frinton Mission ........ FM 2019

FM Week Outline

Frinton Mission General Overview of Activities

* 7am onwards marquee construction on Greensward 
* marquee and other venues ‘equipping’ with electrics, sound system, furniture, etc

* 10-11am, full team meeting St Mary’s Parish Church, worship, information, lanyards
(the rest of the day spent on age groups preparing their venues for the week)
* 1pm team lunch
* 3pm 
community event in the marquee
* 7.30pm marquee event 

* 11am Crash & Download Celebration marquee
* 3pm community event in the marquee
* 6-7pm United Opening Celebration marquee

Monday – Friday
* 8-8.30am every morning, prayer in marquee
* 9.30am onwards, every week day: queues forming at younger children’s venues
(St Mary’s Church and Hall and Free Church)
* 9.45-12 every weekday, children and youth morning activities
* 10.15-11.30am every weekday, Mornings @ Marquee coffee/buns & various items
* 10.15-11.30am - every weekday in Methodist Church, Lifeline, adult Bible talk
followed by refreshments/prayer ministry
* 12.30-1pm every weekday Team Worship in St Mary’s Church
* every weekday 1pm team lunch, also on the two Saturdays
* every weekday after lunch, age-group leaders & management meet together briefly,
in St Mary’s choir vestry, to share good/challenging things that have happened
across the range of activities, and pray for each other
* 3pm – every weekday, children and youth afternoon activities
* 3pm - every weekday, marquee community events
* 7pm – every day, various youth evening activities
* 7.30pm – every weekday, marquee evening performances
* 7.30pm - most weekdays, 'Encounter' for over 18s

* 9-9.30am prayer in marquee
 most children's venues being cleared and prepared for Sunday
* final morning, afternoon and evening marquee events

* 11am Crash & Download Celebration
* 4.30-5.30pm United Closing Celebration in marquee
* 6pm clear main marquee, ready for deconstruction on Monday,
             deconstruct smaller marquees, snacks provided 

* 7am onwards main marquee deconstruction and storage of all equipment