Frinton Mission ........ FM 2019

FM 2019 Team Application 

If you served on the FM Team in 2017 or 2018, please complete this short version of our Team application form.  If you are new to the FM Team, you need to complete a full application form, from the menu to the left (1)

You need to be available at least from Saturday 27th July to Saturday 3rd August, if at all possible please. If you cannot be present all week, please BE SURE to explain this to your group leader, asap

The cut-off date for application is Friday 19th July 

Christian name  

Mr   Mrs  Miss



               Post code 

Preferred phone number 

Alternative phone number, if possible 

Email address 

Emergency contact during the mission week

relationship to you 

phone number 

postal address 

Which FM group did you work with in 2018 or 2017?  

Over 18? 

Under 18?  Your age? 
(applying to work with under 10 year-olds)

Your church 

and denomination 

minister or main church leader 

Your occupation 

Any disability, medical condition, or significant allergy that it would be helpful for us to know about please: 

Do you have a current first aid qualification?  


Preferred group for working at the mission:

under 3s in crèche  

3-4 year-olds in Bytesize 

5-7 year-olds in Soundbytes 

8-10 year-olds in Megabytes 

11-13 year-olds in Crash 

14-17 year-olds in Download 

18s and over in Encounter  

Marquee Support  

1:1 support for children or young people
with additional needs 

Supporting other FM activities  


From Monday to Friday, Team members are encouraged to join together for 'Team Worship' at 12.30 and for lunch at 1pm. These meals, plus midday meals on the two Saturdays are provided at the cost of £20.

Will you have any children with you?   
How many?     1?      2?      3?      4?

Would you like to eat with the team,
on Saturday 27th July?                   
 yes    no 
From Monday to Friday during mission week?
                                                             yes    no                                                                                   
Will you eat with the team on the final Saturday, 3rd August?
                      yes    no 
Do you have any special dietary requirements, eg vegetarian?  

Our caterers already have a huge job, so we would prefer not to ask them to cater for more complex dietary needs, but please feel free to provide your own food. Please tick if this will apply to you.

All team members working with children, young people or vulnerable adults are required to have recent enhanced DBS clearance, dated August 2015 or later. Obtaining DBS clearance is your own responsibility, but as you have served on FM within the past two years, we presume you still have a valid document.
                                                           yes    no 
Please give date: 
and reference number: 

Or does your FM role not require DBS clearance?   

NB There will be 'child safeguarding training' during Team Welcome on Saturday 27th July at 10amPlease aim to be there.

Any other comment or query 

Final question: Do you give us permission to store your personal information (securely) and to use it to contact you and inform other FM leaders of your willingness to be part of FM2019?                                   yes         no

Now, please be sure to click and send the form:  ###  ###  When you do, you will receive an immediate acknowledgement entitled, 'What Next?'

If you don't receive that acknowledgement, it means your form hasn't gone, for some reason. Please either try again, or email to say something has gone wrong. We will also ask you to try again, but will be on the lookout for your name.