Frinton Mission ........ FM 2019

Essential Team Information

Child Safeguarding

A thorough knowledge of Frinton Mission's Child Safeguarding Policy is an essential
part of preparation for the mission. You will cover aspects of this policy in age-group
preparation sessions, but we strongly request that all team members read it here - PLEASE

It might help if you even made notes or download your own copy!           

FM Safeguarding Policy - how to be sure we all keep safe

FM Safeguarding Briefing - in a nutshell

These documents might be especially useful during the week: 
                      1. Responding to a disclosure               2. FM Incident report form

Health & Safety

These H&S links below are also important documents for Frinton Mission: 

FM Health & Safety Policy Statement - our promise

FM Health and Safety details - carrying out a Risk Assessment

Being on Team

Each team member might like to read our online FM Team Handbook 2019

or print off the pages for their own copy.  It doesn't change very much from year to year, but first-time team members might like to discover more about FM. 
Every age-group should have a paper copy available for you to read too.

We would like all team members to be familiar with its contents - please!

          This is what we ask you to sign up to: 
FM Team member contract                      

Team Worship 

During the mission, Monday - Friday 12.30pm in St Mary's Parish Church

Time to catch up with each other and hear what else has been happening
It also makes time for worship, encouragement and a brief talk