Download in Oasis

School years 9 -13

At Number 4
Next to the Free Church in Connaught Avenue


Leaders: Chris Halls, Liz Massey & Ben Pratt

Mornings: 10am - 12 noon

Afternoons: 3pm - 4.30

Evenings: 7pm - 9pm

Come and join us at Number 4

What's your idea of a perfect world? 

A place of peace...of great friendships...of infinite wifi?!

At Download, we'll be asking this question...
and explaining what the Bible has to say 
about God's promise of a perfect world.



Crash & Download
Opening & Closing Celebrations

Sunday 29th July & Sunday 5th

Marquee on the Greensward @ 11am


Fun!  Music!  Challenges!  Friendship!

Led by Crash & Download teams

Everyone welcome!

Can’t wait to see you there… 

and if you can't wait either, 

you can connect with us on our Facebook page:

  Details of afternoon & evening activities at morning sessions


Please register 
either at the Marquee when you arrive for the Opening Celebration at 11am,
or, early registration online via this site 11th to 25th July

WHEN YOU REGISTER ...............

Additional Needs?
FM welcomes all children and young people

·         Please register young people with details of additional needs as early as possible

·         If possible, arrange for a suitable support person to accompany them during FM activities

·         Supporters not closely related to the young person need to have current DBS clearance

Contact Jean (FM safeguarding) for reassurance or advice: